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How to Give Your Dog the CBD Therapy at Home

Medication is an important aspect of taking care of your pet. We get so used to having dogs in our home that they become more than pets but part of the family. This therefore means their health and safety is a critical issue that does not have to be taken for granted. As a pet owner, you should always make considerations when it comes to having your dog in good health. You as a dog owner is responsible and accountable for the wellbeing of your dog. Medications are not only given when the dog is not in good health, some like vitamins are administered to boost their immune as well as other supplements.

One of the best companions we have in our lives are the pets and especially dogs. Every single day when we go out to work or other errands we are always greeted with a smile from our pets and sometimes they whine for seeing us leave them. No matter what they do we always have a sense of pride when we see and always have to smile in return. However just like human beings they also undergo pains and discomfort that needs to be taken care of. It is not a good thing watching your pet suffer and hence you will need to find and effective treatment for them. The availability of CBD treatment shoukd enable you to take care of your pet. Once the CBD treatment has been administered you will experience magical changes in your pet. CBD is very crucial in ensuring that you dog calms down and feel relaxed.

Giving medication however is not an easy task since they tend to resist so much. Dogs do not take their medications willingly the way we humans do. Much time is consume as you are trying to fight off the resistance given. It doesn’t have to be this much struggle if you get creative and utilize the tips below.

Crush pills in food or water as much as possible. This a step that needs approval from your vetenerian as some medications are not required to be dissolved. You could also hide the pill in the treats you usually give your pet. Dogs are known for swallowing food without chewing most of the time. Check with your pet supply shop for special food wraps like edible pill pockets that you can use to hide the pill. You should be careful while administering the medication not to over feed the dog.

Some medications however, are not recommended to be taken with food. This therefore calls for another strategy. Hold and raise the snout with one hand causing the dog to open his mouth, you then insert the pill at the base of the tongue. You need to consult your vet on how to carry on with the procedure if you are not sure about it.

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