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Reducing the Death Toll: Better Drug Rehab Management

If you have ever dealt with an addict, you know what damage these drugs can cause in one’s life. They also understand intimately how the drugs seduce the addicts to the point where they feel they cannot live without taking some. They crave the high, and cannot think any better of themselves. The drug inhibit their ability to feel any human pride.

It is not secret that opioids are killing people at an alarming rate. They affects more than the lives of the addicts. This sad state of affairs hits us all. We now have some of the strongest drugs ever made, and their death toll is at its highest. At this rate, it shall become even worse soon.

You shall hear propel suggesting abstinence like it was the easiest thing to do. Granted, there are cases of people who simply stopped using drugs, and that was that. Others found help in the process that AA meetings advocate, and found peace and broke free of the drugs. But there are cases of people who these methods do not work on them.

There has to be another option out there. There have been cases of abstinence which have increased the death toll. The thing about abstaining is that you are making your body less tolerant to the drug. The point is to get it to its lowest point possible. But should you at some point relapse, the effect will be devastating. An addict would relapse by using the same dosage they did the last time they succumbed. The body shall have changed, enough not to cope with so much, and an overdose happens. You shall see websites announcing the passing of a young person due to an overdose.

It is thus important that we open our minds to discussing alternative approaches to drugs abuse rehab. An example is substituting the drugs, with substances like medical marijuana. It is also useful in other ways, like pain management and no side effects.

It however retains the power to cause a relapse, since it is a gateway drug. This may not be the best solution, but it is the least harmful to the life of the user. There are more examples out there. They are the ones with the least effects on an addict, and the easiest to stop using.
As much as this method presents risks, it presents better risks to live with. If our intention is to truly minimize harm in society, we need to be open to the idea of alternative approaches. We have the means to discover more ways of dealing with addiction. As you deal with an addict, you learn that there is no one explanation to their state. On solution will thus not suffice.